What we did on the Application Video

We've got a problem...
We've got a flat tyre but don't have a jack to lift the car.


Let's brainstorm

Knock the top off a spark plug and use it to get air out of an engine cylinder. Pipe the air into an air bag to lift the car, a pneumatic jack!

Ahhh, the hammer! Bash the top off and there's a hole left through the middle of the sparkplug.

Weld a tube onto the remains of the spark plug so you can attach a valve and hose to it after you put the plug back in the car. Have a fire extinguisher handy when welding.

Find a one way valve, put a hose attachment on one end and attach the other end to the spark plug. We used screw attachments so you can remove the valve from the plug.

Let's demonstrate. Michael's the piston and blows air through the one-way valve. The air goes along the hose and into the air bag (an old inner tyre tube). The one-way valve lets air through only one way so the air bag goes up.

Oooo, the sparkplug/valve is in place, attach the hose!
Notice the number 8 fencing wire holding the hose off the hot engine. Number 8 is as important as duck tape in the kiwi bodging world.

Barry in charge of the donor vehicle (a Mazda RX7 with a bodged 180hp V8 for the motor),
Michael ready to place the axle stand,
Brett watching progress of lift.
Everyone has their jobs? Let's do it.

There's a puncture to fix along the way...
Stones from the driveway make a little hole in our airbag during the lift. Good thing we have duck tape!
We have takeoff!!

Michael removes the tyre so he can fix it.
Always use permanant support (like axle stands) while working under a vehicle.

All fixed so time to slowly let the car down.
Now you see it...

Whoops! BANG! Now you don't see it.
Hmmm, that was quite a surprise for us, let alone Brett.

A "blinkin blowout"

But we had still had success in the lift!

Now check out the video.
There's a strange twist to the story not mentioned above...