All About the Team

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And we are... The BIG ENZ!

NERDS acronym got me started. Here's ours :) Actually, the term "Big Ends" refers to the crankshaft bearing end of the connecting rod in a typical car engine. The other end of the connecting rod has a small end and attaches to the piston. How Stuff Works has cute animated graphics of what we're talking about so check it out. The other idea behind the name (well, we're complicated kinds of guys) is the world famous band from New Zealand - Split Enz. The ENZ is part of kiwi culture.

Brett Wigg - Team Captain
Job: Engineer for the Newspaper

Territorial soldier, scuba diver, milling, pneumatics, turning, welding (MIG, Arc, Gas), engine building, car modifying

Sky diving, parachuting, shooting possums & wabbits, fishing

Michael Harrison
Job: Senior Design Engineer

World leader in power electronics. Welding (MIG, Stick, Arc, Gas), gas cutting, sawing, grinding, etc. Building particle accelerators, race engines, electronic fuel ignition and alternative fuel systems. Scuba diver.

Water skiing, building engines eg. helping Brett build a 400bhp Ford Escort

Barry Freeman - Bazza
Job: Maintenance Supervisor (Brett's boss)

Milling, turning, welding (MIG, Electrode, Gas, Brazing), fixing and modifying engines, machinery, drive systems, and transmissions. Yes to everything mentioned on the Scrapheap application form. Working with Brett on lots of big projects.

Skiing, building kit cars, building motorcycles


And some info about Trev (that's me)