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Here are the one transistor amplifiers that we are building at the moment.

Unit Standards:

We are trying to sort these out at the moment. As soon as we have a list of US that we can sit they will be posted here (and I'll tell you about them in class of course.)

What we've done already:

10/11/00 Finishing projects
6/11/00 Some revision for the US test tomorrow
2/11/00 Project work. Sound generator working fine
27/10/00 Projects
16/10/00 Worked on making electronic kits
10/10/00 Investigated the basic controls on a 8 channel audio mixer unit. Continued with Physics worksheet on waves.

18/9/00 Review work on wave reflection
29/8/00 Looked at outdoor lighting module. Questions from book on electromagnetism.
23/8/00 Starting to do extra work on Physics unit standards in electricity - Induction
21/8/00 Finished building some amplifiers. One of them worked quite well. Cool.
15/8/00 Building a couple of one transistor amplifiers to use as a intercom
7/8/00 Understanding and drawing circuit diagram for 1 transistor amplifier.
3/8/00 How a capacitor charges and discharges. Overview of transistor amplifier.
29/7/00 Looked at speaker box and planned an amplifier and wiring.
26/7/00 Electromagnetism as it applies to motors and generators. How does a loud speaker work.



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