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Tuesday 7 November: US test on lens and assignment due
Monday 13 November: US test on refraction and internal reflection

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What we're doing:

15/11/00 Making balloons
10/11/00 Same
9/11/00 Getting ready for the US test
8/11/00 Refraction and internal reflection
7/11/00 US test, last assignment handed out for refraction
6/11/00 Last day of revision before US test tomorrow
3/11/00 Worksheet questions. Internal reflection & refraction. Refraction equations.
2/11/00 Worksheet handed out on lenses. Intro to refraction and total internal reflection. Experiment with bending a glass rod
1/11/00 Questions on lenses
31/10/00 Worksheet on lenses. Lens Assignment handed out.
30/10/00 Ray diagrams with lenses. Concave lens=virtual focal point, convex lens = real focal point
27/10/00 Dry Ice day
17/10/00 Worked on two equations. 1/f = 1/Do + 1/Di and Magnification = Di / Do
16/10/00 Handed out ASSIGNMENT DUE NEXT TUESDAY 24 October. Worked on mirrors worksheet.
13/10/00 Start on mirrors work sheet
12/10/00 Rays reflecting from convex and concave mirrors
11/10/00 Rays reflecting from plane mirrors
10/10/00 Worksheet on waves continue. Start on plane mirror reflection
9/10/00 Worksheet on Waves as revision and intro to new topic of LIGHT

21/9/00 US tests on waves
20/9/00 US tests on waves
18/9/00 Review work of adding waves. Electronics students not working.
15/9/00 Summary work sheets for equations and reflection of (electromagnetic) waves
14/9/00 Review plus the introduction of Snell's law
13/9/00 Refection and refraction
12/9/00 Particle movement in a wave
11/9/00 Reflecting waves, refracting waves, superposition of waves - summary
8/9/00 Waves - superposition of waves (what happens when waves overlap)
7/9/00 Refraction (bending) of a wave as it goes from one medium to another
6/9/00 Waves - relection and refraction.p227 diagram in Burchill 2000
5/9/00 Waves and slinkys. Reflection and refraction
4/9/00 Waves. T=1/f
31/8/00 Review EM test. Work on questions in book.
30/8/00 Unit standards test on EM
29/8/00 Review assignment answers. US test tomorrow.
28/8/00 Revision for test. Introduction to Waves topic.
25/8/00 Write your own questions using the formulae for electromagnetism - assignment due Monday
24/8/00 A bunch of questions using those equations from the coming test
23/8/00 Generator effect / induction. RHS rule
22/8/00 Went through three examples which use the right hand rule for the generator effect.
21/8/00 Went through three examples which use the formula E=BvL (or V=BvL)
18/8/00 Two more equations for electromagnetism. Working on part one of assignment
17/8/00 Assignment given out. Most equations needed talked about.
16/8/00 Made motors, worked on motor/generator sheet.
15/8/00 Description of upcoming unit standards. How a motor works by changing the direction of current in a coil which is sitting inside a magnetic field.
14/8/00 Coils - 5 ways to increase magnetic effect. Introduction to motors.
11/8/00 Charged particles in a magnetic field. Intro to motors
10/8/00 Went over answers to question sheet. Right hand rules.
9/8/00 Completed electromagnetic question sheet. Handed in for marking.
8/8/00 Right hand rules. Motor and generator effect. Current in a solinoid. Handout given. completed and checked Wednesday.
7/8/00 New Topic: Electromagnetism. Rt hand grip rule - field around a current carrying wire. Rt hand rule - motor or generator effect.
4/8/00 Work on question sheet while we find out what Unit Standards everyone has done.
3/8/00 Work on question sheet while we find out what Unit Standards everyone has done.
2/8/00 Summary of unit standards requirements for DC. Final question sheet for topic.
31/7/00 P=VI, units of power, worked on question sheets
29/7/00 Looked at marble board. New question sheet on 6th form DC handed out. First section answered.
27/7/00 Class away so we practised some electromagnetic experiments and took the speaker box off the wall.
26/7/00 V=IR circuits and relationships
25/7/00 Summary notes on electricity



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