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Magnetic field lines around a magnet (left). A couple of capacitors - guess which end is negative.

Projected work outline Term 3. We may run two weeks into term 4:

  • Week 6 - Electromagnetism
  • Week 7 - AC
  • Week 8 - Quantum Physics
  • Week 9 - Exams
  • Week 10 - Project start. 7th form research project in the process of being confirmed
    It will probably be a Camera Project

What we're doing:

15/11/00 Bursary study
14/11/00 Test for Camera Unit
9/11/00 Playing with the SLR camera. Test rescheduled for Monday
8/11/00 Revision time
7/11/00 peripatetic questioning about cameras
6/11/00 Prize giving practise in the hall
3/11/00 Exposure chart and old bursary questions
1/11/00 Dioptres and 1/f is power of refractive surface
31/10/00 Answering worksheet questions about lenses
30/10/00 Notes and Info about cameras
27/10/00 Dry Ice Day
17/10/00 Finished nuclear reactions. Binding energy and potato wedges
13/10/00 Nuclear reactions - Notes for nuclear given out
12/10/00 Flame test. Nuclear reactions.
11/10/00 Finished emission spectrum stuff.
10/10/00 Went to library and worked on sample bursary 2000 questions on the internet. Also looked at DeepScience.
9/10/00 Start on Quantum Physics in text book

21/9/00 Just 30 minutes to tidy room
20/9/00 Answer sheets and Q sheets handed out.
18/9/00 Review questions 2 - 5 from exam
15/9/00 Question one from exam on momentum
13/9/00 Review exam
12/9/00 Review some exam questions
11/9/00 EXAM !!! ;)
8/9/00 Exam revision
5/9/00 Review/summary of chapter 18 - AC circuits and the operation of capacitors & inductors
4/9/00 Electromagnetic Induction
31/8/00 p277-287 magnetic flux and induction
30/8/00 Working from manuals
28/8/00 Electromagnetism: p266 - 274 Howison
25/8/00 Getting ready for the senior ball
24/8/00 The four hand rules for electromagnetic situations
23/8/00 A bunch of demonstrations regarding magnetism and current in wires
22/8/00 Week 6 so we're starting on electromagnetism. Looked at the field lines around a magnet.
18/8/00 Capacitors in series and parallel. Time constant. Energy stored.
17/8/00 Intro to capacitors
16/8/00 Worked in books or Burs questions
15/8/00 Busary Q on resistance in an incorrect circuit. Start on Capacitors
14/8/00 Walk through bursary Q from 95' on charging a flat car battery
10/8/00 Battery emf & Kirchoff's laws for current and voltage. Lab manual answers given.
9/8/00 Started Electricity topic. Revised V=IR, P=IV, relationships in circuits.
8/8/00 Last waves lesson. Work on the green book questions at home. We looked at the diffraction patterns formed when you fire a red laser through a double slit and single slit. We also put a hole through a piece of paper with a pin and fired the laser through that. Why did a banded pattern show even through a single slit? Went to library and looked up the DeepScience waves page.
7/8/00 Wave diffraction and interference patterns.
4/8/00 Wave diffraction. Doppler effect.
2/8/00 Standing waves. Waves in music and harmonics.
31/7/00 Quake question, S&P waves, standing waves, Diggery doo question for h/w
29/7/00 First waves chapter in book. Review quake bursary question. Finish for HW.
27/7/00 Started waves topic. Notes & old bursary questions handed out.



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