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Currently studying: Arms and Armament

13/10/00 Video - Rockets

15/11/00 Making the tissue paper balloons
9/11/00 Testing the balloon - a bit heavy so we need to use the tissue paper
7/11/00 Balloons going very well
1/11/00 Building hot air balloons
30/10/00 How Cruise Missiles work
21/9/00 Dry Ice video. Olympics.
13/9/00 Planning a catapault. Materials and equipment needed.
11/9/00 Making a crossword using the transport words we know
5/9/00 Slinky power - how waves can transport energy along a spring
28/8/00 Pulleys - Notes and questions about Effort Force = Load Force / number of pulleys
24/8/00 Pulleys - How 1, 2, and 3 pulleys effect the force needed to lift something
18/8/00 Opening a can, banging in nails, removing nails - all kinds of levers
16/8/00 Three types of levers.
10/8/00 Lever. Fulcrum nearer the weight makes it easier to lift. Biceps as a type of lever.
8/8/00 Lever. Experiment with small weights and a ruler and pivot. Found that force x distance on one side of the pivot equals force x distance on the other side of the pivot.
2/8/00 Screw. Example of car jack. Went out and jacked up Mr Mander's car and removed wheel.
31/7/00 Wedges, examples and definition
27/7/00 Force and ramps
25/7/00 #3 Different ways up the mountain. Longer way usually easier but you've got to go further so the overall work done is similar to going straight up the side. Force meter and comparason of moving a weight straight up or with a ramp.

21/7/00 #2 What is Force. Machines help convert forces into more useable forms of energy. Homework: perpetual motion machines

20/7/00 #1 Making butter with a machine





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