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14/11/00 Two teams have started on the final balloon construction. These are going to fly!
10/11/00 Balloons
8/11/00 Hot air balloons - not bad effort from half of the class
2/11/00 9MA had an English test today instead of Technology
31/10/00 Started build of hot air balloon
27/10/00 Dry Ice Day
16/10/00 Watched Scrapheap video on ROCKETS
12/10/00 Labeled main parts of a plane. Watched "the Secret life of a combustion engine" as principle motor in planes.
10/10/00 New Topic: FLIGHT.


  • Prepare report for marking
  • Understand how an aeroplane flys
  • Contruct a flying machine
  • Individual research project, minimum of one page. eg, Who were the Wright Brothers, Richard Pearce, The Stealth Bomber, the Space Shuttle.
    TERM 4

20/9/00 Projects last day. Awards, prizes, and certificates.
18/9/00 Finishing projects.
14/9/00 Chin got the sirens working. The probes allow current to start flowing causing the speaker to operate. As the capacitor charges the current drops so connecting the probes completely stopped the siren from working (of course).
12/9/00 Finishing projects - flashing and sirens (but the sirens don't seem to work... hmmmm, I wonder if the transistors are still working....?)
8/9/00 Finishing projects and soldering
6/9/00 Some fantastic soldering work and circuit completion going on - well done!
4/9/00 Project work. Put remaining components in.
31/8/00 Project work. Put capacitors and wire bridges in.
29/8/00 A bit about capacitors. Work on electronic boards.
25/8/00 A bit about resistors. Glue electronics boards together.
23/8/00 Drawing up the circuit diagrams for flasher & siren circuits
21/8/00 Pics and we learned the difference between series and parallel circuits
17/08/00 Lamps & rheostats in a circuit. Measuring the voltage
15/8/00 Rheostats and power supplies
11/8/00 Circuits, Ghost Ball, Nail Board
9/8/00 Charge, circuits and components, building a project. We did the first two today.
7/8/00 New Topic - Electronics. Overview of related projects and words.
3/8/00 Play testing the board games. Marking of games.
29/7/00 Construction of board game. Partial finish for most people.
26/7/00 Plan board game
20/7/00 Video - Apollo 11 moon landing



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