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A slightly extroverted group of young people.

What we're doing:

10/11/00 Elections: graphing polls, speeches and voting
9/11/00 Elections in 9NK
6/11/00 Supermarket science test
3/11/00 Exam in hall
2/11/00 Revision of supermarket science. Test next week.
1/11/00 Last little bits of Supermarket science. Test Friday or next Mondy. Quiz on Dry Ice.
27/10/00 Dry Ice Day
17/10/00 Food Labels
16/10/00 Summarised the test results. Write up of conclusion.
13/10/00 Food Tests Practical
10/10/00 Page 20 - Eight tests that you can do on food. We will be doing the test on Friday so bring food samples!
9/10/00 p16 Toothpaste chemistry - how chemicals in toothpaste work on the acid in your mouth and neutalise it.

21/9/00 Acids & bases, p12-13 book. Video about Dry Ice
18/9/00 Acids & bases quiz, scale, and book questions
15/9/00 pH - the "Power of Hydrogen" - common uses of acids and bases
14/9/00 New vocabulary - ION. Practical to test household chemicals and find out which are acids and which are bases (alkaline)
13/9/00 Notes about acids, letter about acids, start on poster
8/9/00 Acid-Base rainbows
7/9/00 Matching element symbols and names. Properties of metals. eg of citric acid in orange peel
6/9/00 Worksheet on elements and the periodic table
5/9/00 Elements and chemicals in the earth
31/8/00 Practical: Finding out what the secret compounds are
30/8/00 More about atoms. Reactions.
29/8/00 What are atoms, compounds, mixtures.
28/8/00 Working from Science in the Supermarket, chemicals in food.
23/8/00 Table of the first twenty elements, proton number, mass number
22/8/00 By mistake we studied two different circuits. We may have to delay making them I think.
21/8/00 Took some pics and studied how atoms are made of protons, neutrons, and electrons.
18/8/00 What to learn in Supermarket science. Observations: matches and volcanoes
15/8/00 Start on Supermarket Science topic. Start on what to learn list.
14/8/00 Exp. testing the accuracy of a beaker for measuring volume
11/8/00 Copying info on how to measure temperature and scientific process
10/8/00 Different variables and their units, eg. weight, kilograms, kg
7/8/00 Measuring volume, measuring weight.
4/8/00 Lighting a bunsen burner. Heating water and put results in table.
3/8/00 Basics of the bunsen burner. Water heating experiment write up.
2/8/00 Dangers in the science class room
29/7/00 Quiz on quack medicine. Copy 5 food groups.
27/7/00 Seven reasons why bogus therapies seem to work
26/7/00 Make the right choice, the difference between advice from a doctor, plumber, and an interior decorator.
25/7/00 Glossary of terms - what's the difference between a real doctor and a witch doctor?
20/7/00 Video - Apollo 11 moon landing



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