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Currently studying:

Supermarket Science

What we've done:

15/11/00 Ways of storing things
11/11/00 pH and chemicals
8/11/00 Chemical word find and acid rain
7/11/00 Universal indicator and colour rainbows
3/11/00 Acids and bases - how soap works. Intro to 5 types of nutrient
2/11/00 Formulas and things. How toothpaste neutralises acid in the mouth
31/10/00 Acids and bases
30/10/00 solvents and solutions. Atoms joining together to make salt. Sodium and Chlorine.
17/10/00 Definitions of 10 words (eg. atom, nuclear, electrons, glass) Mass and charge of atomic particles
16/10/00 The first 20 elements
12/10/00 Quiz on what is an atom. Demo atom model. Worksheet on atoms. Write definitions and atempt questions.
11/10/00 Start to new topic, Supermarket science. What is an atom.
9/10/00 Energy in Food worksheet. We've moved back to H3. When we have to do experiments we'll move back to the science lab.

20/9/00 Final test on energy. Competition: handstands and 50m sprints. 36s (Sam) and 7.37s (Win) respectively. 23 sec hand stand for me.
15/9/00 Pen Par
achutes and air resistance (friction)
14/9/00 Got through very little because the class is having such a stuggle with self-control. Reviewed energy changes and looked at how friction can slow the decent of a parachutist (it's called air resistance).
12/9/00 Energy and energy change
11/9/00 Graphing the Olympics - A4 poster sheet for projects
7/9/00 Types of energy - eight days until the Olympic Games
6/9/00 Speed/Time graphs - describing motion and journeys
4/9/00 Force = mass x acceleration. (mass in kg, acceleration on earth=10)
30/8/00 More on speed. Converting km/h into m/s
29/8/00 Speed = distance/time. Complete table of results.
25/8/00 Experiment on field with stopwatches - record results in table. How long does it take to run 50 metres.
24/8/00 The lever as a catapult. Where to put the pivot so the ammo goes highest
22/8/00 Skateboarding - learning about distance, time, and speed.
21/8/00 Pics. Lever experiment (force x distance). Skateboarding science topic started.
17/8/00 Types of levers II. Biceps and spining competition
16/8/00 Types of levers. Levers in the body...
14/8/00 Quiz on muscles. Work on food and energy.
11/8/00 Review of Tony's visit. Some notes about muscles. Press-up competition.
9/8/00 Went to hall and watched and listened to Tony Martin.
8/8/00 Instructions for tommorrow's visit by Tony Martin. What do the main muscles do?
4/8/00 Quiz. Heating ice and graphing results. Energy change.
3/8/00 News about visiting Body Builder. Working on energy crossword.
31/7/00 Energy - the body as a machine, types of energy. Identify types in the picture
27/7/00 Using your biceps - lifting weights. Chest capacity - measuring change in chest size when breathing in.
26/7/00 Breathing capacity, top average was 2.7L for students and 4.0L for me. Draw a bar graph of student results
21/7/00 Olympic Crosswords
19/7/00 Matching definitions



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