Scrapheap Challenge 2002 is organising another entry to this years series of Scrapheap Challenge (the show on PrimeTV that is about two teams building some kind of machine from scrap in just 10 hours). The purpose of the show is not actually about winning or losing a competition. The purpose is educational - making bodging, engineering, and simple physics concepts interesting to children and adults alike. The competition just helps that to happen.

I currently need one more KIWI to make up a team of three.
The team entry needs to be in within a couple of weeks. The team won't know it's entry is successful or not until around June. If successful the team would be flown to the UK for a week of filming. Expenses paid plus a small retainer. If the team wins the competition on the show then there would be one or two more shows to film after that later on. It's hard work, but something that I'm sure you'd never regret (and you'd be really famous

Needed Skills
The person I need would be someone to balance the skills of the existing team members. I'm thinking of someone comfortable around engines and cars (like an auto or aero mechanic) as the task usually involves swapping bits from one vehicle to another. If you can weld, that's always a plus. Enthusiasm also helps ;)

The two people in the team already:
Bruce, 50+ yr old professional engineer (captain). Rebuilt some engines, electronics, electrics, gas & MIG, cutting, turning, milling, aeromodeller (including building the engines), motocross, hunter, and builds JET ENGINES in his backyard.

Simon, 30 yr old software engineer Electrics, general machining, welding, and builds JET ENGINES in his backyard (most well known person on the internet for building one that can be used for cooling beer).

Yes it's short notice but after the entry there's a nice long wait. If this all sounds like you, and you're over 18, give me a call or send an email asap.

Trevor Mander, 31 January 2002
(no responses after 10 Feb 2002 please)

Homemade Pulse Jet attached to a go-kart.

(Windows Media Player, version 8 codec, 70KB)

Bruce and Pulse Jets
Simon and Jet Powered Beer Cooler




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