The Day the Toyota Died -- December 18, 2003 -- 5:20pm

What happens when a Subaru Legacy stationwagan travelling about 50km/h hits my stationary Toyota Corolla parked in a line of traffic.

The impact drove my car into the Subaru GT in front of me which was in turn then pushed into a big black SUV which stopped our combined forward momentum.

I climbed out the drivers window as all the doors were jammed. Only some bruises on me so yay. I watched it all play out in the rear vision mirror.. kinda scary.

It's so weird to see the car coming and have just one split second to think about it. Just enough time for a feeling rather than any particular thoughts. In words it might have been "He's going to hit but he should be able to slow down a bit before... BOTHER he's not slowing down at all, this is going to really hurt, Lord here I come."

But not yet.


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