Jet Engines - the Movie

Bruce, 50+ yr old professional engineer (captain). Rebuilt some engines, electronics, electrics, gas & MIG, cutting, turning, milling, aeromodeller (including building the engines), motocross, hunter, and builds JET ENGINES in his backyard.

Simon, 30 yr old software engineer Electrics, general machining, welding, and builds JET ENGINES in his backyard (most well known person on the internet for building one that can be used for cooling beer).

Regular kiwi blokes with a most unusual past time... they make jet engines in their back yard.
The movie we made is 20 minutes long and shows how their engines work - at the same time as showing how real kiwi blokes can make anythng out of number 8 fencing wire. Pictures taken from the film to follow.

Homemade Pulse Jet attached to a go-kart.

(Windows Media Player, version 8 codec, 70KB)

Bruce and Pulse Jets
Simon and Jet Powered Beer Cooler




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