Memories From My Past...

On fighting...
You won't impress me if you think just because he deserves it you should do it.
Cos when you get to be my age there's still people who deserve it and you still shouldn't do it.
So start early and practise doing the right thing not the thing you (obviously) want to do.

My own story from ummmm, 15 years ago or so, when I was 16 there was a 14 yr old guy with a gang of 7 other 14 yr olds. They liked to try and intimidate me and kept threatening to beat me up. Ok, so I'm a senior doing weights and Ju Jitsu and he wants to fight me... (it's really amazing how stupid people are). I think I told him that, and that I wasn't going to fight him cos it was so dumb although I probably did say that if he touched me then I would undoubtedly have to react in self defence. He didn't like the idea of having to start to fight and having to explain that to whoever in the aftermath.

Some bodybuilder friends of mine started to hang out with me especially after school cos they didn't want the gang thing going down. So I guess we played with their minds too Yes the intimidation was a real pain but I didn't end up doing the fight thing - and I'm glad.

I got really annoyed at one point and went into a fight stance and told him to bring it on which in retrospect must have scared him or surprised him a bit cos he decided to laugh and walk away instead of fighting like he was always threatening. I didn't mind that at all so I wandered off happily in the other direction. A bit after that he visited my gym and walked past the door as I was throwing guys around which I thought was awfully funny. Then we had the school break and after that in the first week back he tried blocking the hallway in front of me. I stopped, turned and told him very quietly that now I was in the 7th form I could put him on detention any time I liked. Never another problem with him or that group.

"Vengence is mine" saith the Lord you know The other one is to love your enemies, don't beat on their faces.

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