Tony Martin Visits James Cook High

Wednesday, August 9, 2000. By T. Mander
If there are any inaccuracies in this report they are my fault. - Mr M.

Tony Martin, owner of the Mt Roskill Health and Sports Gym known as "Tony Martin's Sports Connection," arrived in a blast of music. It's one thing to see pictures of muscle men in fitness magazines it's another to see sheets of lean muscle rippling on a trained athlete. So who is Tony Martin?

He's a former police officer who became interested in fitness and muscle training while working in a special team combating street violence. Now he's been involved in competition bodybuilding for 26 years, having started before it was even popular. Tony competes in what's known as "Natural Bodybuilding." That's building muscle without using drugs and without using steroids. You might not get a big as Arnold Schwarzenegger but then you'll probably miss out on the weakened heart and resultant surgery too. The only supplement Tony has been taking is a protein drink and yet he's the national champion in his class.

  • Winner of Auckland and New Zealand Body Building competitions.
  • 2nd place at the world champs in 1998 in both couples and singles events
  • Currently training for world champs in Melbourne.
  • Last Saturday (6th August 2000) won the Manukau Counties Championship

We loved his candid open answers and stories of bodybuilding. "Yeah, you've got to have the cheesy smile," Tony says. "You've got to project confidence and show that you're enjoying the competition. There's eight judges in a row down the front who need to be impressed."

What impressed me the most was his answer to the following question. What are some of the benefits of going to the gym or getting fit if you're not going into competition body building? Tony talked about all the people he has helped by giving them a good sports and fitness programme. Depression, even chronic depression, can be turned aside as people get fit, change body shapes, and meet new friends. Good one Tony!



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