Year 10 Science

If you have any suggestions or corrections to the resources here then please let me know and I'll do my best to add them in.

Last minute info on Y10 final exam:
31 pages of questions spread over 4 booklets for 7 topics in just two hours.

All topics marked but only the top 6 topic marks count.

So answering just 6 of the topics is an ok strategy considering the time constraints, ie. don't bother with the topic you find hardest as it won't count anyway and will just use up your time you need for answering Excellence questions in the other topics.

If you are looking to get Excellence then my advice would be to answer E and M questions first. If you correctly answer them then the number of A questions needed is very low. Skip all A questions that would take a long time to answer for just a single Achieved mark.

If you are looking to get Achieved then don't spend time on the E and M questions unless you think it is easy and can answer them without wasting any time. You can, however, get Achieved marks from attempting Excellence level questions. Just don't let it soak up your time!

Resource Description
Table of Common Ions Handy for all the Chemistry topics. Several per page for easy printing.
Unit Info Learning intentions for all Y10 topics for 2012
Y10 Topic Summary Mander's short summary of all the topics with examples of how to answer Excellence questions with nice sentences.
Y10 Revision Questions A student made up a list of revision questions for each topic.





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