Year 13 Physics

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3.5 Overview: Nuclear Internal Assessment
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Due in class on a Wednesday, one week after being set in class. Due in class does not mean at the end of the day after school, it means at the start of the lesson. Practicals are a course pre-requisite for gaining credits in the 3.1 internal assessment.

3.1 Overview: 5 Credits of Pure Fun
This is the latest version of my summary, hints, and tips for 3.1. added 29/03/2013
Our latest plan for dealing with the error bars is to just use the min and max values of our trials and use them to define the upper and lower values for the error bars. Note that any adjustment of the gradient (like in the pendulum experiment to find gravity) also needs to be done to the uncertainty, eg. if you multiply the gradient by two to get gravity your uncertainty value also needs to get the x2 treatment.

Y13 Electrical Systems 90523
This will be an effort to summarise the Y12 electromagnetic foundations for the Y13 electricity course as well as the new DC and AC material involving capacitors and inductors.

General Physics Websites

Projectile Motion
Projectile Motion Explained
Explore Science Golf Range, Shoot the Monkey!, Free Fall Lab
Virginia University Projectile Motion Machine
Pirate Ship
Newton's Mountain
Package drop from plane

Here's the links for the sites on our Projectile Motion video shown in class.
Projectile Motion Applet
Really Good Explanation with Road Runner

Constant acceleration problems. Beginning of projectile motion.
Describing motion, velocity vectors, adding and changing velocity

Newton's Laws, Force and Mass
Most famous equation

Go here FIRST!
Quantum Physics
Some applets in quantum physics

Demos for fast video cards

Electromagnetic Induction
Electrons and Fields
Faraday's Experimen
Lenz's Law


Hard Drives

How Stuff Works talks about capacitors
Capacitors don't store charge, they store energy

Atomic and Nuclear
General outline of Rutherford Discovery
Rutherford 2 - the incredible world




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