Year 9 Science

If you have any suggestions or corrections to the resources here then please let me know and I'll do my best to add them in.

20/8/13 - 902 - So what are we studying? Astronomy! Mmmm spacey stuff. Ok, well done on the science fair projects by the way. I am so impressed and I think the overall quality is incredibly high. Indeed, there are several 902 students with projects going through to the Auckland final in two weeks. Great stuff.

These notes are the ones for Year 11 but they certainly can't hurt for you to read and digest them fully too.
But reading isn't everything so I'll start a list of youtube videos I want you to watch.

Solar System Space School (4min) - Space is cool
The Solar System Song (4min) - A bit sad for my taste. Someone needs to do a rock version.
Discovering Deep Space (60min)
Evacuate Earth (90min) - Could we escape a worldwide destruction? This very very deep voice will tell us.
Planets from Hell (43min) - Why Earth has all the best parties.
Most Distant Worlds (45min) - A look at Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto. At the very least find out how Americans pronounce them.

26/6/13 - 902 - We are finishing the Light, Colour, Energy topic. The test will be Wednesday 10 July. Check your red ASA science book. Have you read all the chapters on this topic?

Big to small - the power of 10



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