A Kiwi Team Application for Scrapheap Challenge
and Full Metal Challenge

Barry Freeman, Brett Wigg, Michael Harrison

Like the title says, we had an opportunity to try out for the ultimate television show, Scrapheap Challenge. Our application video turned into a mini challenge as well. Man we had fun!


More about the Team
What our Application Video was about
How we made the Application Video

Watch the Video
(requires windows 98 or higher and media player codec 8)


Ultimate Machine Combat -- February 12, 2002
A new show has asked for entries from New Zealand so BIG ENZ have shot new material and compiled a new video.

Still in the News -- May 10, 2001
Check out this short article at Engineers for Social Responsibility. Nice.

Not This Time -- April 2001
We were not sucessful in our application this time around. Look out for our 2002 application!

REAL Video on line now -- Friday, March 2, 2001
Well, this is the first web movie that I've made. I used the free Real Producer so you'll need version 8 to view the movie. It's about 2.8MB and recorded in single ISDN mode. It can be downloaded.

New Font and More -- Thursday, February 22, 2001
Well, apparently the text was a little hard to read in places so here we go in new w i d e o v i s i o n :) I'll put the video up in a week or so. It's actually on the net in a 19MB quicktime file but that's a bit big. The problem with putting it into a 2 or 5 MB real format video is getting it into uncompressed quicktime or avi. In the meantime, I'll put some more stills up.

It's Out There -- Monday, February 12, 2001
The video is already helping students learn. Senior high school students taking physics and junior students taking technology have viewed the tape as part of their class work. They had to answer questions about such things as what the team was doing and what the safety issues were. The class acted rather surprised when it finished and wanted it to be longer! Well, this way they could watch it twice, and answer questions in the middle.

In the Mail -- Monday, February 5, 2001
The application forms and video have been sent off with FedEx today. Scheduled to arrive in England on Wednesday, four working days before the extended deadline! The whole thing seems to be about 8 minutes and 30 seconds long. The suggested time is just 5 minutes. Not such a big deal if you're watching just our video but the guys at RDF media have to watch possibly hundreds! Yikes.

Edit Finished -- Sunday, February 4, 2001
Craig Vrankovich (Keyframe Productions) has done a fantastic job of editing our Scrapheap Challenge entry so it's all finished! We're going to send it off via courier and email. Regardless of whether the team is chosen to be on the British show or not, we've had a simply awesome time putting this together. Our own mini scrapheap challenge! The team name... the Big ENZ.

Filming Finished -- Saturday, February 3, 2001
Well, we went over to Barry's house today for a 8am start to our filming. I think we finished about 11am. Our Scrapheap Challenge team then visited Brett's work and Michael's work to record some 40 second bits of info about each of them. Later this evening I'll be off to edit it at another friend's house. How can I sum up the filming? Let's just say it was a blast...

Wednesday, Jan 31, 2001
More news is that our Scrapheap Dream Team is assembled and ready to go. We are filming the application video on Saturday and it's looking VERY impressive. Remember, you heard it here first. The team: Brett, Barry, and Michael. Here's a quiz for you... what is the real team name? Is it:

  • a) Mike and the Mechanics
  • b) The Big Endz
  • c) The Petrol Heads

!!NEWS FLASH!! -- Scrapheap ALERT! -- Thursday, January 25, 2001
This in yesterday from Mel at PrimeTV:

We've had some very exciting news here at Prime. RDF International - the producers of Scrapheap Challenge are interested in a New Zealand team competing in the fourth series which is due to begin filming in April. Unfortunately the deadline is very tight - they need applications within the next two weeks... The first round is in April for one week. Then if you get through to the next round you will be required to appear in July/August.

Crumbs, the official deadline is just 4 days away!Well, needless to say DeepScience is putting an application together as we type. Several potential team members have been collared already. I've watched almost every Scrapheap episode and our team is looking at least as good as any on TV. These are not dodgy bodgers... they're the real thing!

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