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And an even Newer Server! - December 2019
Well, well, well, three holes in the ground. It's about time to fix this place up a bit now that we have unlimited bandwidth :)

Enter the New Server - February 2016

It's a sad state of affairs I know. Almost twenty years on the same server and maxed out usage of 10MB of website data we've moved on. Unlimited everything now. Time to look at moving up from html as well I think. All links will be fixed back to over the coming months.


Y13 Updates -- September 3, 2013
The combined Y12 and Y13 electricity notes are now available.

Y9 Updates -- August 20, 2013
There are some notes to read and links to videos to watch for 902 on their page.

Y11 Updates -- July 8, 2013
Vodafone/Clearnet/Paradise is not letting me upload stuff. Maybe they think 10MB is too big for a website... Temporary files at TREVORMANDER.COM (and I'm not kidding).

Y13 and Y12 Updates -- June 17, 2013
Vodafone/Clearnet/Paradise is not letting me upload stuff. Maybe they think 10MB is too big for a website... Temporary files at TREVORMANDER.COM (and I'm not kidding).

Y13 Update -- March 29, 2013
Thanks for reminding me about the 3.1 notes. Our latest plan for dealing with the error bars is to just use the min and max values of our trials and use them to define the upper and lower values for the error bars.

Y12, 13 Links -- November 17, 2012
Updated the links on Y12 and Y13 physics pages. I started this website before the internet began (12 years ago) so some of the links had broken. I'll have a look at the main links page next I guess.

Y10 Science -- November 5, 2012
Four new resources loaded as PDF files on the Y10 page. A table of ions, the learning intentions, and two resources to help revision for the final exam.

Y11 Science -- August 21, 2012
And here's the new page for Y11 Science. Includes important dates coming up and some notes for the Astronomy internal assessment. **Updated 28/8/12**

Y13 Physics -- August 20, 2012
I'll be adding a page (or several) just for Y13 resources. So to catch up on notes, view the calender, and other generally awesome things you might eventually be able to find them here.

Without a Vision -- February 19, 2012
Dean Peter Beck of the Christchurch Cathedral was just on the TV1 programme "Sunday." He's moved into a job on the city council there and looks like he's going to do a great job. When talking about the rebuild he quoted Proverbs 29:18 "Where there is no vision, the people perish." So for the record, it has absolutely nothing to do with having a plan for the future. I find it rather sad that one of the top Anglicans can't read the rest of the verse, "but he that keepeth the law, happy is he," which identifies what the vision is concerning. The word translated "vision" is more aptly understand to be "revelation." Basically, if you keep to God's revealed moral law you'll be happier.

Another Conference Over -- February 19, 2012
I spoke with a few people at the conference and they seemed to understand what I was going on about. Overall a good first effort from the team at Thinking Matters. The conference made some use of Skype to speakers based in the USA. One of them (Time McGrew) went on about how cool C.S.Lewis was and how this made the denial of Old Testament inerrancy ok. I really don't know where this new liberal fad is coming from but it's getting popular and is a concern. Until I can think of a new name for it I'll call it the Licona Effect.

Referendum Getting Closer -- July 12, 2009
From the 31st of July New Zealand will be running a citizen's initiated national referendum. The topic is basically "Should a smack be a criminal offense?" The ridiculous situation we are faced with currently is that the only formal discipline parents are allowed to conduct is pyschological. As we all know from experience, pychologically induced pain can far exceed that of a light smack. Learn about the referendum and when the time comes, vote NO.

2 Strokes or 4? -- July 11, 2009
Our DeepScience page on the differences between 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines has been recreated. Many thanks to John Hrabar for being the catalyst to fix the quite confusing layout and irrelevant material.

The Logic Behind the Love -- June 9, 2009
Just one week to go until the amazing course in christian apologetics starts. The first evening is all about how we can understand each other better and understand the errors of wooly thinking when it raises its ugly head. Here's a prime example from a annonymous poster appearing in the discussion on David Farrar's blog.

I can hardly believe that intelligent people in a modern society can continue to think the bible is relevant. Ultimately, nobody can actually know what is out there (although that is not a reason to think there is a god, religious foke the burden of proof is upon you to brove the existence of god not me to disprove it) so we may as well ignore the possibility of there being a god and get on with our lives in a rational, moral matter.

The bits in bold should be enough to give the game away. He claims to know at least one thing about what is out there (that you can't know what's out there). But if you know one thing, then it's not the case that he knows nothing. This and other examples of self-referentially incoherant statements (I do so love that rediculously academic way of saying "dumb") will all be examined on the first evening of the course! Now is it irony that he goes on to say we should live rationally? He probably meant to say "manner" but that doesn't really matter.

Moral Cosmological -- May 26, 2009
It's a work in progress but here are some of my thoughts on being and goodness. Many thanks to Thinking Matters for inviting me along to speak this evening.

God, Being, and Procrastination -- May 11, 2009
Rather a busy time coming up for me. This week I'm playing with fog machines in my school's production of Wind in the Willows. We've got two machines running. My one smells great. Mark's one doesn't. Hopefully he won't put bubble liquid in it again. :) On the 26th of May I'll be at Laidlaw College speaking about the Cosmological argument for God's existence. From the 17th of June Greenlane Presbyterian Church will be hosting the annual apologetics course The Logic Behind the Love.

NZ Election -- September 11, 2008
You know, it's pretty amazing really when you forget to update your website for two years :p In fact, this version of Dreamweaver is not only so updated I don't know how to use it but it's also out of date as well. Anyways, our country is having elections and the socialists are going to be kicked out finally. Hey personally, I don't really blame them for destroying our country like they did. Helen Clark is not some undercover agent doing her social engineering in secret. She's relatively open about what she stands for and what she wanted to do to the country. People voted for her and got their reward. The NZ Herald article sums up the damage. On the fun side of things, exam time is looming for NZ secondary schools. If you're looking for the resources I like the Study Pass guys.

Draft Curriculum Issues -- November 17, 2006
We had a teacher-only-day today to look at the fun goodness in the draft curriculum. There's some atheistic Darwinism creeping in so you might want to read my analysis.

Book Review -- November 1, 2006
Author Michael Flynn has released his latest science fiction offering Wreck of the River of Stars and it's not a wonderful experience. I've written an in-depth review. Unfortunately it's mostly negative due to the subject matter involved.

Politics in NZ -- October 25, 2006
The mirth continues. Deputy Prime Minister Dr Cullen just said, "When it comes to seven-year itches, Labour Party members know a working-class scab when they see one." So if you want to know what the Labour Party really thinks of the average hard working New Zealander you have it right there. Cullen thinks you're an itchy scab.

In other news, don't forget to visit Transit NZ and register your opposition to the tolling of the western ring route. Here's what I wrote in my letter to them. Harsh but I was in a hurry:

1. Your lack of organisation in finishing it years ago does not constitute my emergency.
2. Tolling invariably ends up with 75% of the money raised being "lost" paying for the installation and operating costs of the tolling system itself
3. New Zealand is overtaxed with a huge surplus each year
4. The idea of taking money from the poorest people to fund your own job which should have been finished years ago is quite despicable.
5. The time frame of 35 years of this regressive tax is insidious.
6. If there is an economic reason to finish earlier then either business or the central government should be involved, not a new and terribly inefficient toll system used.
7. The alternative is NOT "using it for free." There is no free motorway because we are taxed. Taxation is already far too high at the moment. This new tax/toll would disproportionately affect the poorest in the communities of South Auckland and Mt Roskill. It is manifestly unethical to the point of being criminal.

More Folding Machines -- April 18, 2006
The folding statistics here and here indicate that there are now 5 computer processors working at folding proteins for kiwifolding in our medical research project. So join the fun and help out with spare computer cycles. Check it all out.

NZ Teens Boring Boozers -- April 7, 2006
Recent research has come up with some truly scary findings. "The survey also showed during the past four weeks 69 per cent of 18-to-19-year-old females drank to excess compared to 68 per cent of males." Can you believe it? That means only 31% of the girls and 32% of the lads have the ability to find their fun for themselves without having to use a bottle.

Christian Apologetics -- March 28, 2006
There's another course in Christian apologetics coming to a venue near you. If you've got questions about the truth and history behind the Christian faith then this course is for you. It's the Logic behind the Love.

David Henry Hope-Cross -- March 4, 2006
In loving memory, 18 May 1939 - 1 March 2006. David was a great man, a gentleman, and a leader. I just came back from the funeral and it was very moving indeed. The songs were: Guide Me, O My Great Redeemer, Be Exalted O God, and How Great Thou Art. The Bible readings were Lamentations 3:22-26; Romans 8:18, 28, 35-9.

Antony Flew Leaves Skepticism Behind -- December 10, 2004
He's leaving this all a bit late I think but congrats to Flew for at least getting this bit right. Flew has decided that Darwinian Evolution just doesn't cut it and doesn't explain the origin of life. So after 80 years and being the most well known atheist on the planet, Flew now believes in God.

Updating Time -- September 25, 2004
It's time I got around to fixing the graphics and overall design at DeepScience. Mahendra has given a fair bit of time to coming up with ideas and a bunch of stuff should happen this week. I'll probably do it piece by piece rather than one big surprise update - it's more motivating I think.

Kiwi Dragon, the Ultimate Vehicle -- August 3, 2004
The New Zealand Entry to the Chinese Strange Vehicle Games is roaring ahead. The team from Albany Mowers is making one exciting vehicle indeed. I'll let the NZ'ers know when the public test will be so you can see it move in person. It's already been "tested" somewhat and it's an awesomely powerful experience apparently. No shaking from the driveshaft, smooth as silk. Very nice rumble to the engine with a inspiring scream of the turbo over the top. Yes, I do like understatement. For pictures and an idea of what on earth I'm talking about:

Strange Vehicle Games
NZ Herald Article

Hmmmm, Half Way There -- June 29, 2004
Ok, so I don't update very often :p We've just finished a great apologetics course. We had a consistent 50 people who braved all weathers every Tuesday night to learn about Christianity, World Religions, Logic, and Christ's Love. There are even some bookings coming in from out of Auckland for next years course!

Fancy Outlook -- April 23, 2004
If you want to upgrade the computer and then import your old Outlook Express messages there are one or two things to note. If you don't ever want to do this then don't read this :)

The Passion of the Christ -- February 28, 2004
This is not a movie to take the family to. Here's my initial reaction to watching the movie. I went to see the movie to analyze it, not to blindly experience it, so please forgive my critical appraisal. I did cry at one of the flashbacks - it's a pity they didn't make the flashbacks the main movie.

A Plee for Unity -- February 6, 2004
Waitangi, or New Zealand, Day 2004 is here again. The most ridiculous thing this time around is how much abuse the NZ political leaders are getting at Waitangi. I'm not talking about just shouting, I'm talking about Primeminister Clark and Opposition leader Brash both being physically assaulted (although at least some of the troublemakers concerned were arrested). Don Brash didn't get an opportunity to give his prayer at the "welcome." Here's what he was going to say (and I'm very impressed with it):

"The prayer was going to make the obvious comments that we worship the God of all New Zealanders who made the land, the seabed and the foreshore, that we have all sinned, Ngapuhi and Scotsmen, Maori and European, and that we have to do better."

He said he would also have prayed that the leaders of the country were led to the right solutions for the country.

Memory Page -- January 30, 2004
So I've started a page with stories from my past. I thought they were rather dramatic at the time so here they are. I'll let you know when a new one goes in there.

The Day my Toyota Died -- December 18, 2003
Today my car got creamed while I was stopped in traffic. Here's the pics.

IRD Makes Bruce Go Bust
Our tax department, not wanting to wait for $10 tomorrow if there is $1 to be made today, has put the pressure down on our friend Bruce and his astounding Jet Engines. The NZ Herald carries the story as does Bruce's web site.

Changes to the Politician Page -- December 4, 2003
Some changes are up on the funny pages so you might like to catch up on the very best of American politics.

Bob Passantino -- November 19, 2003
Friends and colleagues, Well-known apologist Bob Passantino died this afternoon of a massive heart attack. Please pray for his wife, Gretchen; his family; and their ministry, Answers in Action. In Christ our Hope. - PWC Proverbs 22:1

More Jet Engines -- October 20, 2003
Bruce has been working away building more of those incredibly loud machines known as Jet Engines. You've got to check out his latest creation and spend a little time dreaming of owning one if only to prove that you can make more noise than the annoying boy racer next door.

How stuff works -- October 15, 2003
You might already have seen this one. Its How Stuff Works and has some really cool articles on how almost everything works. Some topics even have full colour videos and presentations. - V

The final of Scrapheap Challenge is on this Friday (with some extra international challenge the following week). So tune in to PRIME TV at 7:30pm on Friday night. - TM

  Nobel on the Web -- October 5, 2003
It's the official website of the Nobel foundation. They have an "Educational" section for each of the prize fields (Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Peace, Literature, Economics) composed of games and interactive little lessons on all the great discoveries and achievements honoured by the Nobel Foundation. They have games and stuff which help you understand the invention or discovery and stuff. quite interesting and they have quite a broad range of subjects (the Nobel has been around for quite a while). They also have stuff on all the Nobel Laureates ever, and their achievements, and even their speeches at the ceremony. Thought you might be interested. - V

Heavy Metal -- August 15, 2003
Scrapheap Challenge is back on TV. Tune in at 7:30pm Fridays on Prime TV. It's the UK version with Robert so it's high quality TV with the exception of the simply awful Australian re-editing which cuts material and replaces it will a kazillion commercial breaks. yuck.

If you're reading this you probably don't have the latest Blaster virus but you might know someone who is plagued by it. All the fixes are listed very nicely on mbentley's website.

Back to Work -- July 30, 2003
Ok, so I've had a little break ;) I've got the website working again and the highly paid staff is even adding the last touches to a total update of the web graphics and structure. Touch down (or launch depending on your illustration of choice) is just two weeks away so stay tuned! Thanks to Scott for the links on the apologetics page and the Intelligent Design page. I've just finished teaching a ten week course on apologetics and I'll be looking at adding some new content from it soon.

Bigger Day Out -- January 18, 2003
Parachute Music Festival is just around the corner and it's going to be very big and very hot. Hope to see you there.

Nanoscale Computers -- October 27, 2002
IBM researchers have built and operated the world's smallest working computer circuits using an innovative new approach in which individual molecules move across an atomic surface like toppling dominoes. Very cool. Playing with dominos the size of atoms.

Flying High -- October 13, 2002
The Space Shuttle has taken to having cameras loaded on the outside. I didn't catch the TV reports of this (not having a TV) and now I've seen it. This is wayyyyy cool. It totally makes you feel you're actually on the trip up. Kind of like an aeroplane ride that just goes straight up and keeps going.

OUR TEAM WINS!!! -- October 5, 2002
Awesome work! Congratulations goes to Michael, Mahendra, and Adam, for winning the Secondary School Team competition for building a website. This is an amazing achievement. If this is the work these young people achieve while in the Third Form/Year9 I can't imagine where they'll be in a few years time. Check out all the winners and check out the winning web site. I'm definately inviting them to redo the graphics on the DeepScience site :)

Liberal Weenie Goof -- October 2, 2002
Arch Liberal, Barbara Streisand, has managed to goof big time. In her 29 September address to the Democratic convention in the USA she quoted William Shakespeare with the comment, "Beware the leader who bangs the drums of war in order to whip the citizenry into a patriotic fervor, for patriotism is indeed a double-edged sword." And made out that George Bush was making the same mistake. Unfortunately for Barabara, the quote is an internet hoax started two years ago. Shakespeare and Julius Caesar never said it. So I say, "Beware the entertainer who sings to the bang of drums in order to whip the citizenry into a patriotic fervor, for patriotism is indeed a double-edged sword." :)

Camp Outline -- September 20, 2002
Saturday: 8am Breakfast
9:30am Morning sessions, whatever they are
Lunch at 1pm
Confidence course at 2pm and then free time
Tea at 5:30pm
6:45pm another "session"
7:30pm concert
8:30pm Berma trail and camp fire
Sunday: 8:30 Breakfast
9:30 churchie stuff
11:45 Lunch and packup at 1pm

Space Balls -- August 24, 2002
When a New Zealand farmer found a Titanium ball 38 cm accross lying in a field he thought it might be a joke. The police and council were called as the crator it was in plainly indicated the object was from outer space. The space ball was locked in a police cell while an investigation of it's origin proceeded...
And for those interested in space games:
Lunar Lander
Space Invaders

Accuracy is Important -- August 21, 2002
Here's an ad from the local paper. Couldn't really put a spelling mistake in a worse place really :) And here's the warning: Wednesday the 28th is DRY ICE DAY! We also have a new page for interesting exam answers that shall undoubtedly grow as time goes by.

The World is Going to END! -- July 26, 2002
News headlines around the world screamed the story - you have until 2019 before being obliterated by a 2km wide chunk of rock. Before you sell your possessions and join an esoteric cult, you should probably read this article about why the newspapers have got it all wrong and published a story which sensationalises without shedding any light. I guess we have to wait for a little while until we're sure the asteroid is going to miss Earth and then TV3 will probably screen a pseudo documentary that claims there's a cover up and 2019 really is the end of the world.

In other news, an overview of the various political parties runs as follows:
National: have many good pro-life candidates like the one running in Mt Roskill.
Labour: wants to raise taxes, let unborn children die, and make teachers quit
Greens: Evil group who want school children to smoke dope and hug trees
Act: Want lower taxes and our children to smoke dope
United Future: Want lower taxes, are pro-life, want to keep evil drugs illegal

FULL METAL CHALLENGE!! -- July 18, 2002
Woooohoooooo!! Yeah. Check out the Full Metal Challenge web site. The competition is just a week or two from starting and it's getting exciting! Our team of kiwis, Kiwi Thunder from Albany, is getting ready to hop in a plane and zoom off to England for the competition. Of course it'll be months before we see the programme here in New Zealand unless you write and email TV3 and tell them to buy it and screen it soon. I'd include a link to TV3 but their web site doesn't seem to be working :/

Whale or Male? -- July 14, 2002
Scientific American recently published an article going on about how the belief in Creation was nonsense. I have a degree and diploma more than the editor of that magazine, and thoughly disagree with the ideas he outlined in article, so I started to write an article refuting his one. Well, a group in Aussi have already written a very nice refutation and here it is. The quick summary: I was never a whale.

Red vs. Blue -- July 5, 2002
Well the silly season has arrived. It's seems a rather one-sided match at the moment so I'll take this opportunity of complaining about the big guy (Helen Clark). As a preface I'll mention that I don't belong to any political party. I was wandering around Mt Roskill of all places and noticed that the Labour Party has billboards up everywhere. "They're into things," I thought. Then I wandered past III Kings and couldn't help but notice that the National billboard had been replaced with the Labour one. So now I understand why Labour and the other high-tax-smoke-marijuana-have-an-abortion parties are doing so well with the signs... They remove the oppositions signs. The other thing I noticed today was the cute Labour leaflet I recieved in the mail. It was interesting reading right up to the bit where it says Labour will not increase Tax. Whereupon I fell over laughing. As anyone will tell you, Labour put company tax up, personal tax up, and petrol tax (to fund the Green Party) up. Actually, there isn't much tax that Labour didn't put up and seeing as the effects are continuing to make a bigger impact as inflation increases, Labour is still in the process of putting the real effective taxes up. So there they are lying about it and enjoying the warm glow that comes from telling tall stories.

Blocking Cell Phones -- July 1, 2002
Apparently folks in Hong Kong like using cell phones while in a movie theatre. Kind of annoying for others trying to watch the movie. There's a number of ways you can forceably block the radiowaves getting to the cell phones but probably none as elegant as that described here. Magnetic wood might soon be all the rage.

Are You a LotR Nut? -- June 25, 2002
Here's an interesting site that ranks your obsession level with Lord of the Rings. My brother's LotR obsession quotient is 42.6%, and mine is 26.2%. In other news, is running a competition to build a web site. A couple of teams are entered from our own school already. Also updated the Y12 physics links to Electromagnetism.

Deep Thoughts -- June 15, 2002
A new philosophy page is up. This will have a bunch of longer quotes that won't fit under the quote of the week. In a couple of months or so DeepScience may go to a new web hosting service which will allow a bunch more content, asp, and database links so adding quotes (and even a quote of the day) will be really easy.

Folding Version 3 Released! -- June 14, 2002
Folding@Home, the distributed computing project that aims to save lives by using the idle computer time of hundreds of thousands of home computers has released version 3 of the folding client. It's newer, more stable, and works behind more firewalls than version 2. If you're not folding proteins then what use is your powerful computer? (You use a word processor? Really? Oh that'll put a strain on it :p) Haha, join in. See what the kiwifolding folks are up to :)

Faked Moon Landing? -- June 5, 2002
Ok, so that documentary appeared again on TV3. Arghhh, this is getting boring! You know, the one where they make out that all the astronauts that landed on the moon were all lying. This is so tedius. Repeating lies, misunderstanding, and conspiracy theories multiple times does not make the wackos right. It would be harder to make a fake moon landing than to accomplish the real one ok??!! If you're wanting some of the reasons why the "documentary" was a load of codswallop (whatever that is) then NASA has a nice article about it as well as more in depth links. Yes, we posted this before but there you go (March 31 and September 4, 2001 entries). If you want to complain about their daft programming, call TV3 on 377 9730.

My First Welding -- May 27, 2002
I've taken the plunge and here's my first effort. Definately some modern art.

New Folding Team -- May 24, 2002
If you've got a fast computer sitting around doing practically nothing all day then why not use it for finding a cure for cancer and alzheimers? Check out our Folding@Home page and get folding! There's a new folding name and it's kiwifolding, with Team 32. I'm joining in, as is the science department, teachers, and students. Last week we were the 23rd highest folding group in Team 32 so with your help we'll do even better, fold more proteins, and help find a cure.

News -- May 10, 2002
Whoops, I haven't updated in a while. Well, there's a bunch of links on the senior physics page all about capacitors. And there's a new page that hopefully will become a walk through in how to construct a subwoofer amplifier.

Mini-Putt -- April 21, 2002
Can anyone beat my 46/48? It takes a while to load but this shockwave game is pretty amusing.

To Be or Not To Be -- April 16, 2002
Ok, we've been thinking the Philosophy club thing through with various interested parties and there's unfortunately (or fortunately) rather a lot of reasons why it's not going to be an option right at the moment. We're not ruling it out for later of course (like next year), but there needs to be more thought put into it first (haha - that's a pun:) Anyway, we'll keep thinking philosophical thoughts about very deep things but uninterupted by the huge crowds and technical issues official clubdom would involve. So that can only be a good thing eh? Here's some deep thoughts from Socrates.

Earthshine -- April 13, 2002
Usually we see the moon because light from the sun is reflecting off it. This weekend the moon is just a crescent as it is located between the earth and the sun. In that position light from the sun reflects off the earth and hits the moon before zooming back to us so we can see it. Basically it means that we might be able to see all the moon instead of just the crescent bit. Very cool. For a picture of what you're looking for check out the NASA website.

Back to School -- April 11, 2002
Just one more Friday and then we're back to school. Yes, it's going to be a blast of 11 weeks non-stop fun filled work-overloaded term of the year.

Good Friday -- March 29, 2002
Surely he took up our infirmities and carried our sorrows... the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed. - Psalm 53:5

He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; by his wounds you have been healed. - 1 Peter 2:24

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. - John 3:16

That's why it's called Good Friday.

Physics in PC Gaming -- March 24, 2002
The latest version of the Unreal gaming engine is being put together. Apparently it's really complicated and is able to reproduce all kinds of situations that involve unique responses. This is accomplished by using a Physics Engine that basically tells the computer models how they should behave according to real physics. So there is a point to all this classroom stuff - you can enjoy computer games.

More Thinking -- March 22, 2002
Everyone seems very intense on philosophy and thinking at the moment. It's somewhat perplexing that the exam marks are currently not reflecting this ;) I'm sure all that will improve. In the mean time, I'm being pressured to put more stuff up so here's another list. This one is called classical apologetics. Please note that I have moved the "classes" section on the left menu up to the top for easier access.

Thinking and Planning -- March 19, 2002
DeepScience is looking to start up a philosophy club at our secret Auckland school. The idea and motivation for it is coming totally from the students which I think shows how brilliant they are. If you're interested then you should tell me and I'll pass your name on.

Planning for the BIG ENZ entry to Ultimate Machine Combat (UMC) is going well. Today we're having a special planning meeting to get some design issues sorted with the machine. It's looking pretty crazy so far. Definately winning material.

Site Updates -- Tuesday, March 12, 2002
Wow, that's weird. It's March 12 today but when I posted something yesterday it came out as March 13 when it must have been the 11th. This can only mean one of two things. First, I went through a wormhole in time yesterday which plunged me into today's tomorrow. Or second, I was so tired that I typed the date in by hand and forgot I just need to press the insert date button thingy. I'll leave the solution to that problem to your imagination. In other news, I need to do a couple of things to the site to spruce things up a bit. If you have any suggestions regarding graphic build underneath the main logo then pass them on. Oh, and Logan, won't you have to run the bike on a dyno to get the carb set up right?

More Deepthinking -- March 13, 2002
There's a new list in the philosophy section. It's a list. It's new. It's late and I'm sleepy.

Friday -- March 8, 2002
Wow, I don't know about you but I had a simply terrific day today.
Here's something really interesting about Jupiter.

Jet Engines - March 5, 2002
After spending 30 hours over the weekend editing, I have finished a 20 minute documentary on how Jet Engines work. It's highly entertaining and has two really cool guys I know hosting it. Here's some more info about them. I'll put some pictures up about it soon as well.

Mountain Dew: Devil's Drink? -- March 3, 2002
Well, it's a catchy title anyway. Recently I decided that I was drinking too much fizzy drink and not enough water. Not a problem, I'll just limit injestion of that wonderful Mountain Dew to just one per day. Seeing as coffee drinkers usually have far more than that in coffee, my one per day makes me feel very superior (although perhaps I'm just gulible). That's all fine and dandy but at the same time someone let me know that apparently Mountain Dew reduces sperm count. My initial thought was about how lucky I was to not have a job counting such things but I've finally done some research and found out that it's actually just an urban legend, or myth. Snopes2 is a great compiler of such legends, as is I don't know anything about this other place but it's very funny anyway.

Letter to the Editor -- March 2, 2002
I havn't picked up a copy yet, but apparently I have a letter to the editor in the Weekend NZ Herald. It relates to freedom of religious expression and the recent troubling comments from the Prime Minister which seem to promote a type of ancient Soviet Union Atheism. All very well for her, but inappropriate to force on everybody else.

Projectiles -- February 25, 2002
Wow, a whole bunch of cool demos to help learn about projectile motion. Right here on our senior physics page.

Dry Ice Day -- February 21, 2002
Well, today we got through a huge variety of experiments with Dry Ice - that's carbon dioxide in solid form. At -78°C it's pretty interesting stuff. For a bit more info about our experiments and Dry Ice, check the new page out.

Saturn, Lord of the Rings -- February 20, 2002
NASA have put out a couple of nice articles regarding Saturn. Apparently if Saturn was 1 metre wide the rings would be about 1/1000 the width of a piece of paper! That's some pretty thin rings. So it's going to be dissappearing behind the moon for an hour sometime in the next 24 hours as well. What they say about seeing it through a telescope for the first time is true. It is really a staggeringly cool experience.

New Class Pages -- February 12, 2002
Down on the menu bar on the left hand side you will notice the new pages devoted to the classes I teach at school. Depending on how stressed I am at the time, I plan on posting important things to remember (like upcoming tests and assignment due dates).

The folks at Ultimate Machine Combat are looking forward to recieving our completed entry. Steve writes, "That's great news about the video... I'm really looking forward to seeing your film! I'll drop you a line when it gets in to let you know it has arrived. Cheers for now." I'm running a bit short of space on this Paradise server but I'll see if I can post a little wmv movie.

UPDATE: The movie is 1.8MB in size and is in windows media player 8 format. Not bad quality really considering it's 7 and a half minutes long :) kick it in the guts Trev

Scrapheap Entries -- February 1, 2002
DeepScience is currently helping two excellent teams with entries to this years round of Scrapheap Challenge. The two teams are totally different from each other so it's really interesting. One team likes rebuilding engines of all descriptions and the other team likes making JET engines. I'm still looking for a top aero/auto mechanic to join the jetboys and all the guff about that is here.

Back from Parachute -- Monday, January 28, 2002
Parachute Music Festival in Matamata is now over and perhaps a little reflecton is in order. I interviewed about 50 people and here's what the gossip is regarding the largest Christian Music festival in the southern hemisphere. (More)

Tech Support -- January 24, 2002
Here are some funny true stories from computer tech support people. Hey, school starts tomorrow! Ahh, how the summer has flown.

Engines and Things -- Tuesday, January 22, 2002
11:52am -- Even Funnier is the response of that Aussie movie critic to all the criticism of his article. In what is titled "An Open Apology to New Zealand," Martin Graham writes a very humourous second article.

2:00am -- Here's some info I've put together on the differences between 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines. While putting it together I mucked up one of the site templates and had to rebuild most of the pages. So if you find any glitches across any of the 75 pages with the little deepscience logo at the top then let me know :)

Savaged Rings -- Saturday, January 19, 2002
An Australian movie critic decided to have a go at ripping the Lord of the Rings to bits solely because it was made in New Zealand. Well, kiwis have ripped back with hundreds of emails and this rather insightful article in the NZ Herald.

First Profession -- Monday, January 14, 2002

A physician, an engineer, and an attorney were discussing who among them belonged to the oldest of the three professions represented. The physician said, "Remember, on the sixth day God took a rib from Adam and fashioned Eve, making him the first surgeon. Therefore, medicine is the oldest profession."

The engineer replied, "But, before that, God created the heavens and earth from chaos and confusion, and thus he was the first engineer. Therefore, engineering is an older profession than medicine."

Then, the lawyer spoke up. "Yes," he said, "But who do you think created all of the chaos and confusion?"

Ultimate Machine Combat -- Friday, January 11, 2002
You heard it here first. The makers of the awesome educational TV show, Scrapheap Challenge have put together a new show. Ultimate Machine Combat pits 30 teams from around the world in making ATVs - All Terrain Vehicles, in just one month. The result is shipped to the UK where they battle it out over a confoundingly confusing course of mud and hills. Our very own BIG ENZ team is even considering entering so we'll keep you updated.

Books, Calenders, and Scrap -- Thursday, January 3, 2002
I just had to check out the date function and see if it was working. Wow, 2002. That makes me feel really old. I remember standing around at school when I was 16. We were all talking about what it would be like when we turned 30 and the date turned 2000 and beyond. Hmmm, well, I guess most of us are there now.

Prime TV has changed the time they broadcast Scrapheap Challenge for the third time to start at 8pm now. It's a better time so you can't complain I suppose. It's really hot and hazy in Auckland this week. Apparently the dust from the Sydney fires is causing an added muggyness here. 30 degrees with a burn time of 10 minutes or so. Yuck.

Lord of the Rings -- Friday, December 28, 2001
This comment from "PaladinTook" in California (to which we most heartedly agree),

Peter Jackson has done what no other director has ever really accomplished. He has taken a movie-going audience into an absolute, and utterly different reality. Many have attempted, some have succeeded, but none have transcended reality in such a deep and meaningful fashion. But here's why the movie really triumphs so completely: it's mind-numbing special effects are completely overshadowed by the heart and soul of a man, a wizard, and most importantly - a hobbit.

It's the best movie I've ever seen. People make "action" movies or "comedy" movies. They don't make "real" movies that transport you into an intricate, delicate, and enthralling other world and story. A place where the reasons for people doing things are more important than the actual things they do. Peter J does it with LotR. Everything about it just amazes me.

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