Protein Folding Project
on team 32
Last updated March 23, 2006
Current Score: here

Folding@home is a project being run by Stanford University. The goal is basically to understand how proteins fold themselves into shapes that work. This requires huge amounts of computing power which is achieved through distributed computing, ie. splitting the job into smaller parts and farming the pieces out to thousands of idle home and business computers. If the puzzles of protein folding can be discovered then we may also find solutions to diseases which are thought to be related to misfolded proteins like Alzheimers and Mad Cow disease.

Our school project is to get as many students folding proteins as possible. The students have come up with a new folding name and here it is.

Name: kiwifolding
Team: 32

So join in, get involved, and help solve disease!

kiwifolding is a sub-team within a bigger ( folding team (team 32).

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