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Site Updates

Only structural updates are listed
(For content related updates see news page)

September 25, 2004
Uploaded the new main page graphic place holders. Tweaked link menu.

August 27, 2001
Added the new protein folding project. Added the changing colour text links.

February 7, 2001
It's a new year so I've updated the classes shown on the left navigation bar. The changes I currently have in mind for the site include graphic backgrounds for the nav bar. Roll over text on the nav bar. A special page for my Scrapheap Challenge team, BIG ENZ. Getting the final building picture up and running. They are on the site, just not linked to the pages. Hits sitting at 1712.

November 2, 2000
I think I'll change the comet trails for a hanging swinging thingy instead. Hits sitting on 998, that's since June 2000 which means over 8 hits per day, every day since DeepScience started!

July 16, 2000
Constructed new template for secondary pages. Some pages (like this one) will probably stick with the home page template.

July 14, 2000
I'm added a animated gif for any audio files that are added to the site. The first placement is on the Building page.

July 13, 2000
It's far too early in the morning. I've changed the headings on the left. I will probably create a new template for all pages except the home page. Whenever I change the main template I basically have to upload the entire site again cos all the pages change. I created a new wooden looking box for the building page update area. Interesting experiment with 3D modeling - I did it the same way that I did the 3D bunsen burner in the DeepScience logo at the top of the page.

Friday, July 7, 2000
OK, the fireworks thing just wasn't very exciting. So lets try some circling comet trails around the mouse pointer...

Thusday, July 6, 2000
Investigated some Javascripts that Ianman sent me. Am trying a fireworks script out - it launches fireworks when you select something with the mouse pointer. I'll probably change the effect to something else every month or so.

Saturday, July 1, 2000
Changed Nav bar. Added about_us page. Wondered why thecounter.com stopped counting for a day which has the annoying side effect of stopping the page from loading correctly. Wrote them an email and it was fixed but I doubt it they read my email - everybody must have been complaining.

Monday, June 26, 2000
Added a survey form. This month we want to find out if there is a "favourite" science.

Friday, June 23, 2000
Three part table structure completed. Subsection graphics started. E-mail addresses activated. Quote of the week area started. Man, do I have a sore throat.

Major Update! -- Tuesday, June 20, 2000
Major news indeed. DeepScience.com is now being hosted by the wonderful Paradise.net. Top marks to Paradise for getting us underway so quickly and not charging the earth for it. Anyway, things should be really zooming as far as the download speed goes. Now to get back to the main graphic build...

Monday, June 19, 2000
Changed the table so that the left side remains at a fixed 150 pixels while the right side resizes with the browser window.
Introduced a template so that I can change the graphics of all the DeepScience pages without having to go through and manually change each page.

Friday, June 16, 2000
Changed flame to be more Mac gamma friendly
Moved the home page content around to be closer to the final plan, including menu bar outline
Added sciencefiction section to the links page

Thursday, June 15, 2000
After a few days work on it I've completed the DeepScience logo, complete with lit bunsen burner, yay.
Added a couple of links and put up some info about a coming open day at Massey University during the holidays.

Monday, June 12, 2000
Worked on the header gif. I want to replace the "i" with a lit bunsen burner.
Located the header at the middle of the browser window by just using the ALIGN="CENTER" command.

June, 2000
Web Master: T M
Web Workers: ...

Current ideas that might not happen:

  • Business cards for web workers?
  • Professional web hosting to avoid ads and speed up download times?
  • Oh yeah, all the graphics
  • Get more web workers!

List of Links to appear on the home page menubar:

  • About us (workers/schools)
  • Try it at home (easy cool experiments)
  • Don't try it at home ...
  • Crazy links page
  • Physics

Other content to appear on home page:

  • News & contributions (main area)
  • Latest link (like a "cool link of the week thing")
  • Quote of the week