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This section will grow as the crazy answers are written. All are real answers that my own students have written in response to real exam questions. Some of them are funny, some are serious, all are enlightening.

Q. Discuss cloning of cats
A. By injecting those cells into the ovaries and then giving it a shock to get the process started.

Q. Name the constellation that appears on the New Zealand flag.
A. Sudden Cross

Q. Explain the origin of the universe.
A. I think the universe may have been self caused, or been there and got bigger. There could have been two small things in different parts of this "hole" and they may have met and caused a reaction, like chocolate milk. You have the chocolate powder at the bottom, the milk gets in and then you get chocolate milk, but with the universe no one put the milk in.

A. I believe that God made the Earth. Because I don't really believe that nothing can explode into something. So God was there and he created everything. But that's what I believe in the Bible, you can read it on the first page.

Q: A Disease caused by fungus
A: Flush [instead of Thrush]



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